Manu Bennett

Kansas City Comic Con: August, 2015 / Planet Comicon: May, 2016

Manu Bennett had a recurring role in the first two seasons of Arrow (and appeared once in the third season). Personally I think he was the greatest villain the show has had. I've had the opportunity to meet him twice.

J. August Richards

Planet Comicon: March, 2015

J. August Richards has been involved in multiple projects I'm a fan of. He played my favorite character on Angel, has a recurring role on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and was even the villain in a season one episode of Arrow.

Michael Rooker

Planet Comicon: March, 2015

Michael Rooker played one of the more popular characters on The Walking Dead as well as having a role in Guardians of the Galaxy. I wasn't sure I would get the opportunity to meet him but got lucky enough to notice one of the few times when his line was short.

Stephen and Robbie Amell

Planet Comicon: March, 2015

Stephen Amell is my favorite actor and the star of one of my favorite shows, Arrow. Robbie Amell (Stephen's cousin) was the lead in The Tomorrow People and, more importantly to me, the first Firestorm on The Flash

Wil Wheton

Planet Comicon: April, 2013.

Wil Wheaton was the first media celebrity that I made a point of meeting at a convention. While most people are a fan of his from his time on Star Trek, I'm more of a fan of his time on The Big Bang Theory, which is my all time favorite sitcom.