Arrow: Who is in the Grave?

Let me start by saying that I will heavily be spoiling Arrow season 4, so if you're not current through episode 10 you might not want to read this.

Last week on my podcast I talked a bit about the grave screne. Back in episode 401, at the end of the episode there was a scene of Oliver and Barry standing at a grave. The caption read "6 months later"

There has been tons of speculation regarding this scene. While we still don't know who is in the grave, we at least know who isn't.... Felicity. At the end of episode 409, the mid-season finale, she was the victim of a shooting by Darhk's Ghost. All throughout the break the fans were left wondering if she was going to make it or not. Thanksfully, we know she is, because at the end of episdoe 410 we had another shot of the grave, this time "4 months later." After Oliver is done swearing vengence on "him" (presumably Darhk) he leaves Barry's side and goes back to a car where Felicity is waiting on him. The interesting thing here is, she tells oliver that he needs to kill "him." Felicity has only told Oliver to kill somebody one other time, Ras Al Ghul last season. Every other time she has tried to keep him to his goal of not killing. She even apologized in season 2 when he killed the first Vertigo to save her. She was upset she put him in the position, to have to make that choice.

So lets go over who it might be.

  • William - Oliver's newly discovered son. While I would hate for this to be the case, I definitely could see William's death driving both Oliver and Felicity to their respective comments during the grave scene. That said, I think it's unlikely because I don't see the creators introducting this plot, one that they have slowly progressed over three seasons (a single episode brining up the pregnancy in season 2, Oliver running into Samantha last year during the big Arrow/Flash Crossover, and Oliver meeting William during this year's crossover) just to turn around half a season later and write him out.
  • Samantha - William's mom. Basically, everything that applies to William applies to her. I do think it would be an interesting spot for Oliver to suddenly be forced into raising this boy and trying to balance that with his work as Green Arrow, but that doesn't sound like a story they are likely to tell.
  • Laurel / Black Canary - No chance. She is a direct person from the comics and a major one at that. On top of that, her death isn't motivating Felicity that way.
  • Quintin - Now we are getting somewhere. To my knowledge he isn't based on anybody in the comics. I believe being based in the source material provides a layer of protection, and Quintin doesn't have that. What he is, is somebody with a long history with Oliver, and who has become a valuable member of Team Arrow, espeically this year with his double agent role with Darhk. That said, I don't buy that his death would leave Felicity to tell Oliver to forget his vow of no killing.
  • Thea / Speedy - Oliver's sister. Yes, as we saw last season Oliver would do anything for his sister so he would absolutley kill the man that killed her. But, she is loosely based on Mia/Speedy from the comics, giving her that protective layer I mentioned. Sure, she still could be the one, but it seems less likely to me. Plus, I think Felicity would argue that Thea wouldn't want Oliver to lose himself.
  • Roy / Speedy - We know he is coming back for an episode this year, which based on the recent trailer for the back half of the season has already been filmed. So I have to assume it wasn't him. Unless of course he is brought back for a second episode. But why bring him back soley to kill him, and waste a direct character from the comics. See what I said about Black Canary.

Clearly I think Oliver could be driven to kill relatively easy. It's all in who drives Felcitiy to that frame of mind. Now for the two likely contenders.

  • DIggle - The first person Oliver brought into his crusade, and long Oliver's moral compass. His death would be a huge blow to both Oliver and Felicty, not to mention the viewers. I really hope it's not him.
  • Donna - Felicity's mom. Here I think is the most likely contendar. As of this episode, she is Oliver's future Mother-In-Law, and he would hate what that would put Felicity through. (I feel like at this point it's worth noting that Felicity doesn't have her engagement ring on in this scene.) And she's Felicity's mom. I feel like that's all I have to say. But, it's worth noting that the producers have talked about her role being increased this year because of how great she was with the rest of the cast (the same thing happened with Felicity). But, the cast is so large I'm honestly not sure there is room for her long term, and buidling her up like that, outside of the show, could give it more impact if she is the one. I really think that ultimately her days are numbered.

Let me know what you think.

Who is in the grave?