Supergirl Suddenly Doesn't Want Help

Last week I wrote about how much I appreciated it when Supergirl talked about what an honor it was to recieve help. She specifically said to James:

Back on Krypton no one was their own man. Growing up I was taught that to accept help from people is not a shame, it's an honor.

Spoiler Warning for episode 103.

This week we have Kara yelling at James and the others because they think she needs help and she's inistisant that she doesn't. After her first encounter with Reactron, James tells her that he is a villain whom even Superman has never truly defeated, and that they should call Superman for help. She talks about not wanting to live in his shadow, and being her own person; her own hero. The problem with that is, from the moment she put on the "S" she was, at least to an extant, in his shadow.

Then, when James goes behind her back and calls in Superman, she is furious, despite the fact that he literally saved her life (a blurry Superman flew in just long enough to drive Reactron off).

I realize we are only three episodes into a brand new series and the actors are still finding out who their characters are, so it's not exactly fair to say this, but it felt out of character. Throughout the first two episodes Kara made it clear that she didn't have a problem with asking for help. Even in this episode she asked for help from the DEO. Maybe this is a case of her just not wanting help specifically from Superman, but even that seemed strange to me. At the end of the first episode, when she finds out that Superman sent James to watch over her, she seemed relieved and glad that James was there.

Granted, at the end of this week's she has an instant messenger conversation with Superman (that in itself seemed odd - they really need to decide if Superman will be on the show or not) and in that conversation she thanked him. Maybe I'm making a mountain out of a molehill but something about it took me out of the story.