My Love For ARROW And The DCCW

Recently I wrote a piece for Revenge of the Fans reguarding my love the DCCW. I would appreciate you giving it a look.

In October of 2012 a new show was starting called Arrow on the CW. It was an origin story for Green Arrow, cut from the same tonal cloth as the Christopher Nolan Batman movies. At the time I was saddened that it wasn’t a Smallville spin-off with Justin Hartley in the title role. I had enjoyed Smallville for ten seasons and wanted to see that world continued. Smallville had given a tease of what could be (and what would come) with episodes introducing other heroes from DC Comics, and Hartley’s Green Arrow by far had the most screen time. One of my favorite episodes was one featuring a proto-Justice League. I had dreams of a spin-off of that Justice League which of course never came to fruition. Instead of Hartley, an actor I hadn’t heard of before (which isn’t saying much I admit) named Stephen Amell was playing the title character in Arrow. I watched the pilot with reservations, fully aware that I was basically watching it because it was a new comic show, and without Smallville, there was nothing else for me. I was blown away by the Pilot episode. In an early scene, Oliver and his best friend Tommy are abducted and watching how Oliver got them out of that scenario is basically the scene that hooked me. I didn’t know at the time how much that show would mean to me.

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