Gladys Expands it’s URL Scheme

I've written before about importing images to Gladys and I'm happy to say I continue to get lots of use out of the app. Recently while speaking with the developer about the recent Mac app, I brought up the idea of expanding the url scheme to include text.

I admit my use case is pretty selfish. You see when at home I use a 2011 iMac which doesn't get access to the universal clipboard introduced in iOS 10. (It typically works well for me elsewhere). It dawned on me the other day when I was writing in Drafts on my iPad I really wanted to use that text on my iMac, and sharing to Gladys was the quickest way (I was testing the Mac app at the time). Using the share extension this was relatively easy, but a url scheme would be even quicker. And yes, I know about shared clipboard apps, I've just never really gotten into them.

It’s now possible to add text using this scheme:


This scheme can be used for URLs.


I've created a drafts action which takes the first line of the draft as the title and the body of the draft as the text to quickly add text to Gladys. You can get the action here.