Adding Multiple Workflows to Launcher (And Launch Center Pro)

The iOS app Launcher is a super useful companion app to Workflow. To be fair it has plenty it can do on it’s own as well. It basically uses URL schemes to launch certain actions or into certain apps. But my favorite place to use it is actually as a launcher for Workflow. Within Launcher you can have different screens (think of it like pages on the iPhone home screen) with different groups of launchers. What’s useful about this is that those launch pages can all be used as individual widgets within the today screen/Notification Center on iOS. I like launching workflows here because the organization is far easier than in the Workflow app itself. Conveniently, the Workflow developers included an “Add to Launcher” button from inside the individual workflow settings. This is great as it adds it for you, and gives it the same icon you have assigned in Workflow itself.

The downside to this, is that it can be long and tedious to add a group of workflows to it. But what if you’re working on a new page in Launcher and want to add 4, 5, or even more? This Workflow I created (with the help of the Launcher developer regarding it's URL Scheme) makes that incredibly simple. The only catch is that you need to have your new page in Launcher be in the first position. (You can reorder the pages later.) The way it works, is you select the workflow(s) you want too add, and utilizing the Launcher URL scheme it will add each one, with it’s icon. Now, because it’s based on URL schemes you will see the action bounce back and forth between Launcher and Workflow. But the entire process is pretty quick and once it’s started doesn’t require any more input on your part. One thing I want to point out, if you look through the workflow you’ll see I have a section that is URL encoded twice. This is because, when the workflow is added to launcher, it’s required to be url encoded (meaning a space is represented as %20). But once it’s added, and you go to launch it won’t work because that %20 is turned back into a space. So where Launcher needs it to read [My%20Workflow] it will become [My Workflow]. Now, you could manually go into it and edit back in the %20… but that defeats the purpose of this entire exercise. The URL scheme I have written uses the single encoded name for the name of the launcher, and the double encoded name inside it’s url.

Get the Workflow

UPDATE: I saw on twitter and reddit some requests for a similar workflow for Launch Center Pro. It requires more user interaciton when in Launch Center Pro, to confirm you want to add the action and select where to put it. I also didn't see a way to automatically add a different icon other than the default Workflow one.

Get the workflow for Launch Center Pro here

add to launcher workflow.jpeg
add to launcher.GIF