Importing Images to Gladys with Workflow

Gladys is an iOS shelf app. It's wonderful for temporary storage of... anything. Text, pictures, urls, etc.

Recently the developer (who is completely open to feedback and quick to respond) added support for importing images via URL schemes, specifically using the x-callback-url standard. This means I can use workflow to import images.

I made a few workflows to demonstrate this. The simplest one, and the one I'll use more often, has you select photos, give them a label, and imports them. - Gladys Simple

A more advanced one also asks for notes and a title as well as the label. For this Workflow it'll apply the title/note/label to all selected images. - Gladys All

I also made a variant that asks you for that information for each individual picture. - Gladys Individual

If you're interested in all three just get this workflow and run it. It will install the three above workflows using the method I detailed here.