Snyder Fans and DCEU Fans

Today there has been a lot of talk on Twitter about whether someone is a DCEU fan or a Snyder fan. I contributed to a lot of this conversation today, for good or for bad (I’ll let you judge that).

I’ve been really conflicted with all the crazy that’s involved Justice League, Zack Snyder, and the Snyder Cut (which may or may not be a thing). I’ve talked about this a lot with Ray, my cohost on a couple of podcasts. Some of my issues have stemmed from believing the story that Whedon was finishing Snyder's movie. Some of my issues stem from some Snyder Cut fatigue I think I'm experiencing. I'm also not convinced that everyone will be happy even if one is released. In fact, I’m pretty positive it’ll just start a fresh round of arguments. But I've made some observations about myself. Thinking about Snyder and my own personal history as a comic fan.

I’m not a Snyder fan. I am, however, a DCEU fan. I loved Man of Steel. I was disappointed by Batman v. Superman (the Ultimate Edition helps thankfully). I really enjoyed Justice League. But I would have gone to those movies regardless of who directed them. Frankly, walking into Man of Steel, I’m not sure I could have told you the director’s name. And it didn’t matter. Because I don’t follow directors. Prior to seeing MoS I don't think I had even seen a movie Snyder directed (yes that includes whatever "required viewing" you're thinking of).

Growing up, reading comics, I would buy a comic based on who the characters involved were. That was almost the entirety of my thinking. I never cared who the writer was. If flipping through it I decided the art was good enough for me, I bought it. It was the story I wanted.

It was the characters I wanted.

And that has translated into comic movies and tv shows. For example, the DCCW is my favorite shared universe. I love it. I adore it. Faults and all (and yes, there are many and I will happily talk about them with you). The man behind the DCCW is Greg Berlanti. Not alone of course, but he is the person in charge. So naturally you would think I’m a huge fan of his work. And yet, he’s involved in other television shows that are NOT part of the DCCW, that I’ve never seen an episode of. Like with comics, I don’t follow the creator.

Yeah I know who some creators are now, and that can get my attention, such as Brian Michael Bendis coming to DC. However, I haven’t bought a book based solely on a creator in years.

Today I made that observation about Snyder Fans and DCEU Fans. Apparently other people were making it as well and it’s sort of blown up into a thing. I’m not saying it blew up because of me but I know I contributed to that. Funny thing is, I didn’t draw any real conclusions from that observation. So let me be clear on a few things as far as I'm concerned.

  • Identifying as one type of fan or the other is fine.
  • Identifying as a fan of both is fine.
  • Regardless of what type of fan you are, you’re a fan. That’s what matters.

What I’m finding interesting is just trying to look at things from other perspectives and what their motivations or priorities are. Frankly that’s something we all could be better at when talking about Snyder and the DCEU at large.

Myself included.