Improving My Backup/Restore Workflow

Recently I wrote about how to backup and restore your Workflows. I have a variation of that workflow that I use for savings individual workflows. These are dedicated to specific ones I want to have, but don't want to store in app. They might be ones I worked on for others on Reddit or for my friends, but not ones I actually use myself.

I had considered sharing that workflow for the individuals but thought that I use both my backup ones infrequently they might work better as one combined.

It starts with creating two folders stored in iCloud Drive stored at Workflow/Backups/Individuals. If these folders exists already then nothing happens.

It will then ask you a couple questions. Do you want to backup or restore? And are you wanting to save/restore from all your workflows or just one?

Also, again thanks to Reddit user rawbytz who directed me to this workflow which is the basis for the restore part of the workflow.

If you want the new and improved Backup/Restore Workflow you can get it here.