Open Webpages in iCab Mobile with Workflow

Lately I have been frustrated by a couple web pages that I go to on a regular basis, that refuse to show me Desktop versions on my iPhone or iPad. This would happen in Safari or Google Chrome. I finally looked at other websites and settled on iCab Mobile, which I can set to always present my device as a desktop, and so far from my tests it's been working for me.

Like my recent posts on opening webpages in Chrome and reddit pages in Narwhal I decided to make a Workflow for iCab as well.

iCab has a well developed URL Scheme but I'm only using the part to open pages. Though if I ever decide to move my primary iOS web browsing to iCab, I'll certainly look more at what it can do. The url I used is:

x-icabmobile://x-callback-url/open?url=[the website]

This is another simple, two-step workflow. I simply have to place that url and use the input from safari as the website. If you're interested you can get the workflow here.