A Workflow to Run Workflows

This is a basic organizational tip that I think is quite helpful. One area that I feel needs improvement with Workflow is the organization of all the different workflows you make. It’s not so bad when you have 10–20 but if you have more[1] it starts to get difficult to manage. While I think folders would be nice (and I’ve tried to simulate this with the help of other Launcher style apps) ultimately what I settled on is making one workflow that launches others of a specific type.

The way it works is by using the Get My Workflow action followed by a Filter Files action. The key is to assign an emoji to each section you want to group together. In this example I’ve used the 📷 for a bunch of image related workflows. Filter Files does a search where the name includes that emoji followed by a Choose From List. Then the chosen item is fed into a Run Workflow action and that’s it.[2] You can see the full workflow here:


Now, you might notice I have a Continue Workflow In App action. This is simply a preference of mine. With or without that the full app will end up having to open, I just prefer to have it open before I choose my workflow I want to run. But let me stress its just my preference. If you prefer to choose from the list in the widget I can’t think of a reason you shouldn’t. You can see the difference here:


If you're interested you can get a workflow launcher here.

Feel free to tell me what you think. The best way to reach me is on Twitter.

  1. I currently have 58 workflows.

  2. It used to be you had to url encode the workflow name into the URL scheme followed by an Open URL action. The new Run Workflow action is far more user friendly.