Ifttt and Workflow Example

I was asked on twitter if I did anything with Workflow and ifttt. I don't use ifttt for a lot any more but I do have a few things using it. The one I use the most often is for tracking what I spend on gas. I drive a lot for my work so I like to keep track what I spend on my car in a month and see how that compares to what I'll be paid in Milage (of course with wear on the car from so many miles I'm not coming out ahead).

Basically it works like this, when I get gas I run a workflow that asks me what the total amount I spent was, and through ifttt it's logged into a google sheet which is formatted to keep a running total for the month. Pretty simple really.

For set-up, I made a folder in google drive called "ifttt" and a google sheet in that folder called "Gas Log". That ifttt folder serves as the file path.

The ifttt applet looks like this:


I tried to find a way to share the applet directly but all I could find were references to that feature being temporarily unavailable. If you know how to do it please let me know.

The applet uses a trigger "Gas Log" which is available to ifttt after setting it up in workflow. It then takes the text input and extra ingredients I set in workflow. In this case the current date is the text input while the amount I paid serves as the extra ingredient. The row that is actually added to the sheet looks like this, whith each item being in separate cells thanks to the "|||" separator.


The actual workflow I use is pretty basic. It asks for the amount I paid and then automatically pulls the current date and sends both off to ifttt.

Below you can see the full workflow. If you would like, you can get it here


Feel free to tell me what you think. The best way to reach me is on Twitter.