Brief Spoiler Free Thoughts on Logan

Last Thursday I went and saw Logan. Overall I came away from it really impressed. Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart were both fantastic in what is (presumably) their final performances as Wolverine and Professor-X respectively. But I actually think the star of the movie was Dafnee Keen in her role of Laura/X-23. She just did a phenomenal job and I would not be upset to see more X-Men related movies with her in them.

The movie definitely earned its "R" rating, delivering the truly berserker Wolverine many fans (including me)have wanted to see since 2000's X-Men. I enjoyed seeing Wolverine unleashed but I could see many people thinking it was too much.

I actually thought they included the f-bomb too many times. It's like they were trying to make up for all the times in the past they wanted to but couldn't have those words. At times it was funny but it did start to feel like too much. Where it works to constantly hear that in Deadpool, in Logan it was a bit jarring.

While the movie did go on a little longer than I felt was necessary it still maintained my interest throughout.

I'm not going to spoil the outcomes for Xavier and Logan, but I will say I found it to be a suitable end for the characters in these incarnations. Honestly I think it's time that Fox reboots the X-Men and use Deadpool as a bridge between the old and the new. If Jackman is done then Ryan Renolds as Deadpool should be the face of the franchise.

It feels odd in this day and age not to have an after credit scene, but of course only some of the X-movies have had this. What was an unexpected delight was the before sequence that was shown. Normally that probably would have been the after-credit but it certainly would not have felt appropriate here. That said, I won't spoil what it was but I will say I absolutely loved it.