Brief Thoughts on Spider-Man: Homecoming

With how much I obsess over the DCCW, This might be a little bit of a surprise but Spider-Man is my favorite comics character. I absolutely loved the Tobey Maguire movies (well, the first two) and I adored the first Andrew Garfield movie, but felt less positive about the sequel. All of that said, there were aspects that just never felt right.

For my money, Maguire was a really strong Peter Parker but less strong of a Spider-Man. Garfield was the opposite where I thought his Spider-Man was stronger but his Peter needed more work. So far, after two trailers and his brief appearance in Captain America: Civil War I feel like we finally have an actor that can play both parts well in Tom Holland. With how impressed by Holland I am, I'm excited to see his first full movie and even more excited it's set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I know a lot of people are upset about how much it appears that Tony Stark/Iron Man is going to be in the new, MCU connected Spider-Man: Homecoming but honestly I'm ecstatic. Not only am I a sucker for crossovers but I think it makes tons of sense for both in and out of story reasons.

Tackling in-story first, we have already seen in Civil War that Peter has a great respect for Tony and wants to impress him. We have also seen Tony impressed by Peter and judging by the trailers it's clear that Tony wants to help Peter reach his full potential as a hero. After Tony gave the spider-suit to Peter, and the events of Civil War in general, it just makes sense that we would see Tony keeping tabs on Peter.

Looking at some out of story reasons, despite the fact that Amazing Spider-Man 2 brought in over $700 million, I believe it failed. My evidence of failure has nothing to do with money (where it did great) and everything to do with the fact that we did not get a third Andrew Garfield movie, nor did we get the shared universe/Spider-Franchise that Sony clearly is aiming for (and you can't blame them for that). In this current age of comic book movies, especially with the X-Men, MCU and DCEU franchises, it's not enough anymore for these movies to be contained to only one sequel. Based on reports and rumors, Sony seemed lost after Amazing 2. Teaming up with Marvel Studios makes perfect sense for Sony. And out of that deal came the opportunity to have Robert Downy Jr., the face of the MCU franchise, in the next Spider-Man film. Frankly, Sony would have been crazy to turn that down.

There is also a comics precedent. Spider-Man has long wanted to prove himself to other heroes in the comics, but what I'm really thinking of is from around the time Amazing Spider-Man 515 came out up until Marvel's first Civil War event. During that time Spider-Man lived in Avengers Tower and worked closely with Tony Stark (both as Peter and Spider-Man). I loved that run on the series so I'm excited to see a live action movie that borrows elements from that.

I truly believe that Iron Man's presence in Homecoming makes total sense. Seeing Spider-Man share screen time with the Avengers in Civil War was truly special for me. I was finally able to see my favorite character as a part of my favorite movie franchise (please don't take that as a condemnation of any other franchise).

We have had 5 solo Spider-Man movies at this point. What we have never had was a Spider-Man team-up movie and I could not be more excited for it.