Backup and Restore Your Workflows

Even though Workflow has a built in sync feature, sometimes its nice to have back ups of your workflows as well. I like to run this occasionally just to have a copy of my Workflows. This workflow will allow you to both backup and restore your workflows.

The first action uses one of the new file options to create two folders inside the iCloud Drive Workflow Folder. The first is called Backups and the second is nested inside and called Restores. If you already have these folders then this step basically is ignored. In fact, if you would prefer after the first time you run this you could simply remove the Create Folder action.

You're then presented with an option to either Backup or Restore.

The Backup part works like this, it uses the Get My Workflows action, and makes them an archive/zip file. It then saves in the backup folder named with the current date. It's also set to overwrite if the file already exists, so you should only have one per day regardless of how much you run it. Feel free to turn that off if you want multiple from the same day.

The Restore part will present you with a list of all available archive files and ask you to select one. Then you are given a list of all the workflows in At this point, thanks to Reddit user rawbytz who directed me to this fantastic workflowI finally have a method to auto add you're chosen workflow. I have to say I thought this was really clever and I happily incorporated into my workflow. If you're chose restore file is already in your list you will be given the option to replace the original or keep both.

Your can get the workflow here