Mostly Spoiler Free Thoughts on Power Rangers

Here's the thing about Power Rangers. If you go into it expecting some super deep thinker you are going to be disappointed. But if you go into it expecting a popcorn movie and a modern take on a 20 year old franchise then you're in for a good time. If you were a fan of the original Might Morphing Power Rangers then there is plenty here that you're going to like.

Unlike the original "teeneragers with attitude" these kids actually aren't borderline perfect. In fact they are nowhere near it. What they were was a believable mix of kids who are thrown together by circumstances. I really enjoyed the training scenes and how this team had to learn to trust each other before they could even access their full power.

Speaking of their power, even as a kid I never got how the Rangers seemed to have the same abilities both in and out of costume. I would say this movie solves that issue for me, making it clear that the power is within them and the costumes are truly more of an armor. One gripe about the costumes, this movie fell victim to the same thing that many super hero movies do, having the hero in costume but with their mask off. It's fine for a scene or two but a significant battle took place that way, and that did bother me.

I know I said it was a modern take but let me be clear. There are plenty of jokes and times when it doesn't fall into a trap of being too serious. I could see where the creators could have over-corrected from the campiness of the original but I think they did a pretty good job with not taking it to far. They managed to have legitimately funny scenes mixed in with legitimately serious and touching scenes in a way that worked better than I would have expected.

They went through most of the movie without cussing and frankly I wish they hadn't done it at all. Power Rangers has always been a show for kids and I don't think it really added anything to it. Prior to that they had alluded to it a few times in ways that actually worked better.

Make sure you stay for at least part of the credits, as there is a mid-credit scene. I won't be spoiling what it is though.

All in all, I had fun. Was it the best thing I have ever seen? Of course not, but it doesn't have to be for it to be a good time.