Using Drafts and Workflow to Help Me Speak

Annoyingly I've had a bad cough lately. I woke up this morning unable to talk. Now this time is not as bad as it would normally be because I happen to have the week off and today was already planned on me being solo for the most part. And typically anyone I communicate with would be texting anyway.

And if I want I can certainly write or type something quickly to show someone if I need to get across more detail.

However this doesn't help with my four year old who can't read for the most part yet beyond some sight words.

It dawned on me though that this is something that Workflow could help me with. Using another app, Drafts I am able to quickly type a message out and send it to workflow for it to be read by the Speak Text action.

To be fair this could have been done entirely in Workflow, I just typically start the vast bulk of my typing (including this post) in Drafts. It also allows me to type some stuff out in advance I know I'm going to want.

  • The workflow can be found here.
  • The accompanying Drafts action can be found here.

For what it's worth my Daughter seemed to find me speaking to her through my phone amusing.