Add iOS Device Frames with LongScreen and Workflow

A couple months ago I wrote about how I use LongScreen and Workflow to stitch screenshots together. Today I decided to write up a workflow that I rarely use but can occasionally be fun. LongScreen has the ability to add device frames for both iPhone and iPad to screenshots. You simply need to go into the app and toggle a switch, which you can find when selecting an individual photo to work with. Also in this menu you can choose which color you want the iOS device to be. I do wish you could automate the color selection as well. I have it set to silver simply because that is the color of my iPhone and iPad.


My original workflow will actually work for this, provided you are only sending one screenshot into LongScreen. If you send more than one it will drop the frame an attempt to stitch them together.

But the LongScreen URL scheme can also combine images horitzonatlly, and for this you can pass just one, or multiple, screenshots. It will simply combine them into one image if you do more than one. I'm still using the same idea as in Screenshot Stitcher, where I count the number of screen shots taken in the last 45 seconds and pass that through the URL sceme. This can be modified pretty easily if you prefer a different timeframe.

Below you can see examples in both color options, and you can even see it will work in both portrait and landscape at the same time. You can get the workflow here. Note the name has a 📷 in it for use with my images workflow Launcher.