Iron Fist Episode by Episode Brief Thoughts

Here are some brief thoughts on each of the episodes of Iron Fist I have been able to watch so far. It's possible I won't get to finish the season until Monday but I'll update this as I finish. For those of you wondering how I rank it with the other Marvel Netflix shows... it doesn't matter. I still think Daredevil Season 1 is the finest season of comic book television ever, and that hasn't changed. But just because this isn't the best in my opinion doesn't mean it's not really enjoyable and worth watching.

Be warned there are some spoilers.

Episode 1: Good start. I like the guy playing Danny quite a bit. I can tell the action scenes later are probably going to be amazing. I loved when he flipped over the car. The Meachum siblings seem generic. Not overly likable or unlikable. iPod is a funny throwback.

Episode 2: Iron Fist, Living Weapon and Hand references. I like that. I really liked the way they went into Danny's background though the episode did feel a little slow. Love the effect used for the iron fist.

Episode 3: I'm enjoying how easy Danny makes his Martial Arts look. Effortless really. I can't wait to see him cut loose. I like Hogarth being apart. I would like to know more about Harold Meachum's story. Madame Gao was nice to see. I liked her in Daredevil.

Episode 4: Daredevil reference. Harold seems to want to use Danny to fight the Hand. Not sure why when they cured his cancer. Danny back in with the company? Joy sure does go along with anything Ward says. Hallway/elevator fight. Pure awesome. Finally the mark of the Iron Fist.

Episode 5: Colleen training Claire. Nice. Scene at the pier reminded me of when Daredevil helped Stick in season one when Stick was going after that kid. Obviously the actual conflict here was different. Loved Claire's reaction to hearing the Hand was involved. It does admittedly bug me Claire doesn't call the rest of the Defenders since she knows them all. I don't know if Colleen is going to be in Defenders or not, but as of right now I would like her to be.

Episode 6: Karaoke guy was kind of creepy. And finally Madame Gao shows herself. The challenge between The Hand and Iron Fist was really cool. Claire continues to prove she can take care of herself. Loved it when she said "Sweet Christmas". Karaoke guy is the third challenger. Thought he might be showing up in this.

Episode 7: What is this chamber thing Harold is in. Meachums as a whole have grown on me. I find it odd how much Danny trusts Harold. Danny and Colleen finally getting intimate. I've been expecting that. Harold is particularly gruesome. Gao continues to impress me. I liked her references to the other Defenders. Danny going to the Triad for soldiers against the Hand... that's thinking outside the box.

Episode 8: Danny got played hard by award regarding Harold. He really does seem pretty naive. Danny on a plain. Nice touch showing his fear of it. Claire said she didn't have a boyfriend. I guess technically true though it sure seemed like it in Luke Cage. Not surprised Joy and Ward both went behind each other's backs regarding their severance packages. Joy hired a private investigator who was good, when sober. Had to be Jessica Jones. Danny vs the drunk guy was cool.

Episide 9: Harold is back. Woke up in a swamp. Well that's gross. Gao taunting Claire with her (Claire) wanting to be "special" (aka enhanced). I was surprised she didn't mention Jessica Jones in this scene. Danny just referenced the dragon in a cave. Nice call back to part of his origin they really haven't shown. Harold is definitely getting creepy. Can Iron Fist heal people like that in the comics? I honestly don't know but it was cool.

Episode 10: I don't know anything about Colleen Wing's past but I'm intrigued. Her Sensei, I like him but I can't get the idea out of my head he's not to be trusted. Hopefully that isn't right.... and it's right. Bummer. Interesting but bummer. Lead to an amazing fight scene though.

Episode11: Danny convinced his friend Davos to help. I like him but I feel like we should be told how Davos left Kun Lun. Presumably the same way Danny did I guess. Colleen, turns out she works for the Hand though presumably not the same sect Gao was a part of. I assume she will leave them to be with Danny. Love that Claire gave Danny one of Luke's shirts. Colleen throws down with her former students. Much more brutal than the last time she faced some students. Cool scene.

Episode 12: I thought Ward was gonna bite it at the start of this one. Frankly, that would of been fine. Not that we are supposed to like his character but he can go now. Colleen vs Bakuto. Awesome. Danny vs Davos. It's been building so I'm not surprised. Is odd it feels we have gone through two big bads and still have an episode to go. I'm not going to lie. I had to double check there even was a 13th episode because this really felt like it was wrapping up.

Episode 13: Ward seems like he's a good guy now but that feels weird. I still maintain he can go. Colleen getting shoes for Danny is a nice bookend to the series. Oh. Nice to see the iron fist in action again. Final fight scene was well done though it did feel like he was fighting a lackey.

I enjoyed the series quite a bit and hope for a season 2. I'm looking forward to seeing Iron Fist in the Defenders.