Workflow Wishlist

Workflow has had some fantastic updates recently, specifically with Magic Variables and the new Run Workflow action. That doesn't mean there aren't still areas it can be improved. I thought I would take a look at some areas I feel would make good additions to the Workflow app.

  • Folders: Most importantly on the list is folders. Workflow organization doesn't seem like much of an issue when you have a relatively small amount of them. But as you learn more about the app, you will find more and more places where Workflow can help you, and even replace other dedicated apps. The problem with that is as you get a large number of workflows (I'm over 50 and I'm not sure that even counts as "large") keeping them organized becomes a challenge. So far I have settled on color schemes and making Workflow Launchers as a way to organize them. For example, I have a few workflows that I never run individually, but rather they are always triggered by other workflows via the Run Workflow action. I gave the the same glyph and color as a way when I'm scrolling through the list to let me quickly know what they are and move past them. It works but I can't help but think folders would be better. I have even toyed with launching workflows out of Launch Center Pro, another automation app that DOES offer folders but I disliked having to open one app to then go into another needlessly. Without a doubt folders would be my biggest request
  • Recently Deleted: Many modern apps include a trash or recently deleted area that allows you a length of time (typically 30 days) to decide you don't want to throw something away after all. This has been beneficial to me at times with Photos, Notes and Drafts. I definitely get why I have seen people call for this.
  • Get Details of Workflows: I would love to see an action that would let you get information, and possibly change information, about other workflows. An example might be wanting to know the number of actions (or a specific type of action) a workflow contains. Other examples might be created and last modified dates. Admittedly I don't see much utility hear other than satisfying some curiosity.
  • Global Variables: This would be useful for times you would want to use the same data in multiple different workflows, allowing for the advantage of only having to update that information in one place. I currently get around this by keeping the items I want to be Global in iCloud Drive (Dropbox would work too. I just prefer iCloud Drive.) This allows me to store a specfic image or file that is used frequently and always be able to call it, or have plain text documents which can be retrieved and parsed within Workflows. I think using iCloud Drive is a decent solution but I do see why some people may prefer not to deal with the added complexities that involves.
  • Touch ID: Honestly I'm not 100% sold on this idea. It just came to me one day and every so often I think of it again. I could see a situation where you have certain workflows that might contain sensitive information so it might be nice to have to authenticate with Touch ID prior to being able to run the workflow.

Feel free to tell me what you think. The best way to reach me is on Twitter.