How Often are Firestorm and Atom Actually in Legends?


Lately on the DCTV Squadcast we have been expressing some annoyance and concern that it seems like DC's Legends of Tomorrow was having too many episodes without utilizing Jax and Stein in their Firestorm persona, as well as finding reasons to keep Ray out of his Atom suit. The out of story reason obviously comes down to budget. And sometimes the writers come up with pretty good reasons not to have Firestorm and/or Atom. Other times even the in story reasons feel weak.

I had some time recently so I downloaded every episode of both seasons and quickly scrubbed through them. I was looking for even one scene showing Firestorm and Atom. I openly admit it's possible I missed something so if you know of an episode I did miss please let me know.

Before I go on I would like to warn of slight spoilers for the latest episode as of the time of this writing, episode 213: Land of the Lost. Also, with four more episodes of Season 2 remaining it's obvisouly not a complete list. I will most likely update it as the season continues to the finale.

I would like to point out I am specifically counting three times that I feel all could have an astricks.

  1. Episode 105: Fail-Safe. Jax and Stein didn't merge but Stein did with a Russian scientist so A Firestorm was shown, and they still did the special effects.
  2. Episode 212: Camelot/3000. Ray wore the Atom suit under his Knight armor, we just saw very little of it.
  3. Episode 213: Land of the Lost. We saw Atom legitimately, but we only saw Firestorm in the form of an evil version in [Redacted's] mind.

With that in mind. Here are the results for Season 1, including total number of appearances and percentage of episodes Firestorm and Atom appeared in.

Episode Number Title Firestorm Atom
1 Pilot 1 1
2 Pilot Part 2 1 1
3 Blood Ties 1
4 White Knights 1
5 Fail-Safe 1
6 Star City 2046 1 1
7 Marooned 1
8 Night of the Hawk 1
9 Left Behind 1
10 Progeny 1 1
11 The Magnificent Eight
12 Last Refuge 1 1
13 Leviathan 1
14 River of Time
15 Destiny 1 1
16 Legendary 1 1
Total 10 11
Percent 62.50% 68.75%

And here are the season 2 results with the total and percentages only calculated through the most recent episode. Updated through episode 15.

Episode Number Title Firestorm Atom
1 Out of Time 1 1
2 The Justice Society of America 1 1
3 Shogun 1
4 Abominations 1
5 Compromised 1
6 Outlaw Country
7 Invasion! 1 1
8 The Chicago Way 1 1
9 Raiders of the Lost Art 1
10 The Legion of Doom 1 1
11 Turncoat 1
12 Camelot/3000 1
13 Land of the Lost 1 1
14 Moonshot 1
15 Fellowship of the Spear 1 1
16 Doomworld
17 Aruba 1 1
Total 9 12
Percent 52.94% 70.59%

So what's the point of all this? Basically my co-host Ray and I have felt there wasnt enough of these characters utilizing their powers. Ray sums it up best when he told me:

That chart makes it look a lot less bad than it has seemed.

I would have bet they were both lower, and that Firestorm was at less than half the episodes for sure. I'm glad to be proven wrong in this case.

I don't know if I'll continue this for season 3. But if it feels like a problem again most likely I will.