Green Lantern References in the DCCW

Recently on the podcast I co-host, a listener Stuart brought to my attention another reference to Green Lantern in the DCCW which I had missed.

The Green Lantern franchise is one of my favorite franchises in comics, and I have long wanted to see a Lantern, Specifically Hal Jordan, appear on the DCCW. It's been said that it isn't going to happen, but of course who ever thought we would see Supergirl alongside Green Arrow and The Flash. Even more, Superman himself has been in a pair of episodes. If that's possible I feel anything is. And they have certainly been teasing it. These kinds of shows don't seem to usually tease things without an eventual pay off (possible exception for Kord Industries, but even that they tried to pay off and were overruled.)

I thought I would go back and list out the references to Green Lantern that they have had. It's fully possible I'm missing one, and if I am please let me know so I can add it to the list.

I want to start with showing the movie logo used for Ferris Air. Now, this is an interesting connection because some of producers behind the DCCW also worked on the Green Lantern movie, notably Greg Berlanti and Mark Guggenheim.

This is the logo used for Ferris Air in the movie


Arrow Episode 123: Sacrifice - A Ferris Air plane is shown in the flashbacks. This is the one that Fyers was trying to shoot down. Note it's the same logo as in the movie.


Flash 101: Pilot - Barry and the group that would become Team Flash go to a Ferris Air testing facility to try out his super speed. Interestingly, the logo is different here.


Flash 122: Rogue Air - Captain Cold and Flash have a couple lines about Ferris Air.

Captain Cold: Ferris Air. I thought this place got shut down.

The Flash: It did. One of their test pilots disappeared.

Hal Jordan was on a test flight for Ferris when the dying Green Lantern, Abin Sur, recruited him into the Corps.


Arrow 323: My Name is Oliver Queen - The flashbacks end showing Oliver preparing to get on a freighter headed for Coast City.


Arrow Season 4 Promo - Prior to the start of the season Mark Guggenheim tweeted out a picture of a postcard, which features a poem to the same cadence as the Green Lantern Oath.


Arrow 401 - Green Arrow - The flashbacks have Oliver talking with Amanda Waller at a bar in Coast City. In a blink and you'll miss it you see someone wearing a jacket with the name tag "Jordan." Hal is often seeing his father's old jacket in the comics.


Arrow Season 5 - Bringing us back to what prompted me to write this post, a new recurring character, reporter Susan Williams, has been introduced as a love interest (and possible foe) for Oliver. Turns out she is actually married to one of Hal's brothers in the comics.


Like I said, I love Green Lantern and I really want to see a GL, any GL show up on the DCCW. We have even seen both Jay Garrick and the Justice Society of America, characters often associated with Green Lantern Alan Scott. While Hal is my preference, I frankly will take anyone.

Feel free to tell me what you think. The best way to reach me is on Twitter.