Stitching Screenshots with Workflow

I thought I would look at another Workflow that I use on a semi-regular basis. I call it Screenshot Stitcher. I use this when I want to take a screenshot of something that is longer than the actual screen of the iPhone. In fact I used it in my post about Re-Using a checklist when I showed a picture of the full workflow.

This workflow requires the use of another app called LongScreen. I could just use the app by itself to achieve the same result. But I prefer the way the workflow triggers it. It works like this:

  • I take a series of overlapping screenshots (meaning the bottom of one is the same as the top of the next. LongScreen uses the overlapping areas to align them.
  • I trigger the workflow which finds all screenshots taken in the last 45 seconds. This allows the system to be automated vs me having to manually pick what pictures.
  • Workflow then counts the number of pictures that were selected.
  • It sends that number as part of LongScreen's URL Scheme telling the app how many pictures to stitch together.
    • I chose to have the stitched output placed on the clipboard.
    • The actual url I use is longscreen://x-callback-url/copy?&mode=stitch&count=Input (with input being a variable action in workflow)
  • At this point in LongScreen I usually just see a white screen for a few seconds. while it processes the pictures.
  • Back in workflow the selected pictures are deleted. I could also delete them via LongScreen but I found the results were more consistent if I had Workflow do it.
  • Workflow retrieves the picture from the clipboard and using a Quick Look action shows it to me so that I can decide what I would like to do with it.

Below you can see pictures of the full workflow. On the left are the original screenshots I took, stacked on top of each other to show how long it was originally. On the right is the full workflow, stitched together. Also note that LongScreen also cleaned up the status bar.

If you want to use this workflow, but don't want to re-create it yourself then you can get it here.

Feel free to tell me what you think. As always the best way to reach me is at Twitter