Re-using a Checklist with Workflow

Recently I have been trying to think of more and more ways to use my favorite app, Workflow. One example I came up, which is pretty basic but very useful, is to create a simple checklist that can be re-called at ease. I use this often with producing my podcast (DCTV Squadcast). There are lots of small steps involved and rather than force myself to remember, them, I just fire off the workflow when I'm ready for the next episode.

I started with creating a plain text file in iCloud Drive, which contains the list of items. While Dropbox would work, I chose iCloud Drive because Workflow can access the files/text faster since those documents are stored locally. Yes, you could edit this list directly in a Text block in workflow, but by keeping it in iCloud Drive you gain the option to edit it when working on a mac. No, it's not required, but it's useful especially in a scenario where you might want to use that list in multiple workflows, edit once and have the changes implemented in all workflows where the list is called.

The actual actions of the workflow are as follows:

I believe the keys to this working are the Split Text actions, using New Lines as the separator and the Repeat With Each block. The repeat block will allow the reminders action to run for every line in the text file.

At the end I have a URL opening to move you directly into the reminders app (it will go to the last opened list however, not the one you created.) At that time you will see something like this:

I use this basic workflow for a few different routine checklist I like to call. It's proven incredibly useful to me and hopefully will for you as well.

If you're interested but don't want to create the workflow on your own you can follow this link. When you import it you will be asked the name/path of your plain text file in the Workflow folder and what list you want the actions added too.

Feel free to tell me what you think. As always the best way to reach me is at Twitter