Marvel's Digital Redemption Changes - My Take

Recently Marvel announced a change to their digital redemption program. It boils down to instead of offering a digital copy for each of their titles that cost $3.99 or more, they are offering codes for older books. Now it appears they are offering multiple codes, for older books, instead of the digital copy.

Before, if you bought ten physical books you would get ten digital books to redeem. Now if you buy those same ten physical books you will get the same offering ten times, resulting in marvel giving out far less digital comics. It seems like they are just trying to stop the second hand market of readers trading and selling codes to each other, and to be fair that is well within their rights. But as a reader, and someone that would redeem those codes, it feels incredibly hostile to the customer.

Bleeding Cool recently put together some retailer and fan reactions, and it's clear I'm not the only one who thinks this way.

In fact, fans are even petitioning for Marvel to reverse course. I doubt they will, but hopefully they see the light.

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