Supergirl As Part of the Arrow-Verse: My Take

An interesting rumor came out today from Bleeding Cool that Supergirl might joint the rest of the DCCW as a result of Flashpoint. This is something that many people have speculated on and I thought I would weigh in.

I read comics. Universes seem to merge and separate every other week so the continuity ramifications just aren't a big deal to me. I'm not worried about how they explain Superman's absence during the season finale world ending events of previous years.

I'm wondering if Supergirl joining the DCCW proper could expand the life of the DCCW itself. Arrow is about to start the final year of its five-year plan. Yes, I hope the show continues on, but if it doesn't I hope the universe that Arrow started will keep going.

To expand on that a little, I'm estatic that DC's Legends of Tomorrow was picked up for a second season, but I honestly don't have the confidence of it having a long run the way Arrow has. The Flash seems like a show that will definitely have a long run, but justified or not, I have questions and concerns about what will happen when the movie comes out. Assuming common sense wins out, the movie will have no effect on the show. But it's possible it will too.

That brings us to Supergirl. Unless I'm mistaken, the only reference to Supergirl in the DCEU was a small prequel comic that something like 7 people read. It would be incredibly simple to keep her out of the DCEU and have her become the flagship of the DCCW going forward. To do that however, the universe that Supergirl is on would most likely need to merge with the other shows.

I guess what it boils down to is that I am in favor of whatever extends the DCCW, and I think that future might rest on Supergirl's shoulders.

What do you think? Am I crazy? Am I missing something? The best way to reach me is on twitter.