Suicide Squad: The Good, The Bad, and The Nitpicky


I saw Suicide Squad a couple days ago, and wrote down some initial thoughts, and then sat on them to mull them over. I decided to go ahead and post those, but to give you some context about my views on the DCEU in general: I loved Man of Steel, I was conflicted about Batman v. Superman but thought that the Ultimate Edition improved it a lot, and I was going into Suicide Squad as a sometime participant on the podcast The Suicide Squadcast. I went into the movie fairly optimistic, hoping to come out of it thinking I had just seen the DCEU's most fun movie. In that I would say it succeeds, despite a number of flaws that range from nitpicky to legitimate.

Fair warning, I will be spoiling the movie. If you haven't seen it yet I recommend you try it out first. The TL/DR is that it's a flawed movie but absolutely worth seeing.

Spoilers Below

The Good

  • Deadshot
    • His costume, with the mask, was awesome looking. It would have been nice if he had worn the mask more, but I really liked it, and he still looked great without it (and as the biggest star in the movie I'm not surprised he didn't have it on more.)
    • I would say there were 3 major times that the audience was treated to the full capabilities of Deadshot. Once, as a sniper in the beginning, once to show off for Amanda Waller against stationary targets, and once on top of car against actively hostile opponents. All three times were fantastic.
    • There was a fair amount of time devoted to Deadshot's relationship with his daughter, and wanting her to believe he was a good man, when she obviously knows what he does for a living. Ahead of time, I wouldn't have thought there would be enough there for a movie with a cast this size, but they really made it work well.
    • I have seen rumors that Deadshot will appear in the solo Batman movie. Hopefully those are true.
  • Harley Quinn
    • Her look and personality were perfect. Margot Robbie absolutely nailed the character of Harley. We even got a glimpse of her classic costume, which I really appreciated. My only nitpick is that you could tell she was trying to mimmic the two previous voice actresses for Harley, and occasionally that would take me out of it. That may be more my hangup though than any fault of Robbie's.
  • The Joker
    • I loved him. Joker has always been my favorite Batman villain, so I was incredibly excited to see what they would do with him hear. Some people I saw it with weren't fans, but it was clear they were wanting something closer to the Heath Ledger Joker we saw in The Dark Knight. Now, Ledger's performance was incredible, but there is no realistic way they could have done a version with the same take. They had to do something different, and I would say they pulled it off. My only Joker gripe is I would have wanted more screen time for him, but I understand that since he wasn't a member of the Squad, he needed to be more limited.
  • El Diablo
    • I enjoyed him far more than I thought I would. They did a wonderful job with his back story and showing his hesitation to unleash his powers.
  • Batman
    • I loved seeing Batman. I really enjoyed Ben Affleck's take on the character in BvS, so it was a treat to see more of him. I wouldn't have objected to him getting more screen time, but as it wasn't his movie, it really worked out well. Also, as Bruce Wayne, he appeared in the mid-credit scene getting intel on other members of the League from Waller. This was a great way to build towards Justice League.
  • The Flash
    • I stand by my comments that the new Flash costume looks like the new Power Ranger costumes, but I have to admit it (thankfully) looked better here. Prior to the movie I had heard a member of the Justice League, aside from Batman, would make an appearance. Despite the jokes I made about the Power Rangers to the people I went with, I am glad it ended up being Flash. It was a nice treat for fans of the universe as a whole, but like Batman, didn't overshadow the members of the Squad.

The Bad

  • Enchantress
    • I really liked the savage look she had, but she spent much of the movie in a different state, where she had gained more power. It's hard to describe other than to say she looked like an old He-Man/She-Ra reject.
  • El Diablo
    • Yes, he appears in both the good and the bad. His motivation made no sense. He surrendered himself to pay for what he had done to his family, so why is he going along with a mission where his reward is time off his sentence?
  • Killer Croc
    • Visually, Croc was fine. He looked cool and was fun to watch. However, the reason he is in the bad section is because every time he spoke, and i mean literally every time, it made me cringe at how bad he sounded. For starters, his voice coming out of his head just seemed odd. It didn't seem animal enough. On top of that, his dialogue was atrocious. They tried to play him for jokes, like him proclaiming he was beautiful or asking for BET in his cell, but none of those jokes worked.
  • Captain Boomerang
    • I'm going to say it. The pink unicorn was just dumb. He had some other jokes that worked okay, but everytime the unicorn was shown was lame. I would have liked to have seen some more of him actually using his boomerangs.

The Nitpicky

  • El Diablo
    • Completing the hat trick for my thoughts on the movie, Diablo turned into some type of fire demon towards the end of the movie, despite the fact until about 30 seconds prior there was never any hint of those powers. They always just said he was powerful and showed great visuals of his fire. To me this came out of nowhere.
  • Slipknot
    • Yes. We knew he would for sure die in this movie. It was too obvious. But they could have at least pretended he was a real member of the movie and given him the same intro as the other members. His death was to show the bombs in their necks were real, i get that. But as used, he was meaningless.
  • Character Introductions
    • Speaking of the character intros... these were perfect, for a trailer, but they didn't work in the movie. To be clear, I don't mean Amanda Waller's narration of their skill sets, but the freeze frames and all the stats they splashed on the image. Just a few minutes into the movie and already I was taken out of it by these.
  • Music
    • I found the music distracting. I get the meta joke of Eminem's Without Me which had a video where he dressed up like Robin, but it just didn't work in the movie. They played a number of older songs and all of them were distracting to me. At other times they played instrumental music, for example during action scenes, and it was fine. I wish they had stuck with a new score the entire time.

All in all I enjoyed the movie, despite my numerous issues with it. If you're on the fence I would definitely recommend you see it. There is enough good in it to make it worth seeing in the theatres, and not just waiting for the home release.

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