Lately I have found myself involved in discussions on twitter (and I do mean discussions, not flame wars) regarding my view on Comic Book Movies. Partly (mainly) through my own fault these discussions have resorted into MCU vs DCEU... Specifically comparing Captain America: Civil War and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Despite both movies boiling down to largely hero vs hero scenarios, I don't think that's a very fair comparison.

I'm a proud member of The Suicide Squadcast Network. I'm a co-host on DCTV Squadcast and occasional fill in guy on the original Suicide Squadcast show. In case it wasn't evident, we are a DC focused Network. My show focuses on the DCCW (aka Arrowverse/Flarrowverse/Berlantiverse). So I'm definitely a DC guy. But guess what, I'm a Marvel guy too. I absolutely love and adore the MCU as a whole.

Lately though it seems (and again I've brought this on myself) that you are only allowed to like one. Pick a side. DC or Marvel. No room for both. And that drives me nuts. Yes, have a preference, but can't I enjoy them all (even if not on the same levels)?

Here are some general thoughts that have been circling in my brain lately.

I understand why the eternal MCU vs DCEU debate happens. I even participate in it at times. Lets all be honest and admit it can be fun. But here is the thing, going off released properties only, you are comparing 3 DCEU movies to 14 MCU (and that doesn't count all the tv shows part of the MCU). We really can't compare them. They are just at two vastly different places. If you insist, then compare BvS to Incredible Hulk, as those are the second films in both franchises.

Some people like to complain DC is too dark. Others like too complain Marvel is too light hearted. I'm saying there is a place for both. I won't argue that DC trends darker and Marvel trends lighter, but they have certainly each had their moments on both sides.

People like to say too much back knowledge is required for the MCU (an irony from comic book fans when nearly any character of importance was created 50 or more years ago, again yes there are exceptions). I argue that you are fooling yourself if you think the execs behind the DCEU wouldn't kill for the MCU's financial success and mainstream longetivity. I wonder if these people will say the same thing when the DCEU is 14 movies in. Regardless, I value the history of the MCU and view it as a great strength. I look forward to the time when the DCEU is that far in.

You may like Marvel. You may like DC. But if you are lucky enough to truly enjoy them both then you're also lucky enough to have tons of content to look back on, and hopefully tons more to look forward to. I'm not saying you shouldn't have preferences (I do) but as we often say on the DCTV Squadcast, "it's okay to like them all."

In the future I hope to excuse myself from the endless MCU/DCEU debates. Yes, they can be fun, but they can be exhausting at the same time. I may just link this post when I see I'm about to go down that rabbit hole again.

Feel free to tell me what you think, or why I'm crazy (or maybe why I'm not.) As always the best way to reach me is at Twitter