Man Power Black Book 2

Man Power Black Book issue 2 starts out by checking in on the German soldiers and the 100 cloned babies they are raising in an attempt to make super-soldiers. The Germans are on U-Boats traveling in a pretty sporadic zig-zag pattern. An excellent case is made for why they are on this erratic path and why they think it will help them; evade detection. It does cause some sea-sickness, however, and I really liked how this was shown for one character's speech bubbles. It was immediately clear he was distressed (this style is later used again, and was appreciated then as well.) 

This random route ultimately lead to one of the German Captains being split (in a sub of his own) from the rest of the group. His only companion being one of the 100 clones who was accidentally left behind when they were being transferred to a different sub.  While we were briefly given an overview of their life together, I would definitely appreciate a story going into more detail on how the pair survived, both in the short and long term.

I will say that I thought there had been a time jump after what happened with the 2 survivors, but then the clones were referenced as infants making it clear that jump was just a momentary aside. 

Speaking of the clones, I'm looking forward to seeing how they develop. Will they have the same personality or will they try to become individuals? How will they fair in battle against regular soldiers? Will they try to overtake their commanders?

Like in issue 1, I really enjoyed the art, especially the attention to detail. There is a panel showing three chimps (seems random, I know, but I promise it makes sense in context) and I thought their hair looked great. The aerial dog fights were excellent as well. 

I am very interested to see where this book leads, especially with the clones. There is also an explanation for the Bermuda Triangle that captured my attention. Just who, and what, is the Iron Cross?

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