Is Comixology Quitting the DC/Marvel/Image Apps also?

Yesterday I expressed my extreme displeasure that IDW apps are no longer powered by Comixology, but instead by Madefire. I sent IDW an email concerning this and this morning, when I checked, I had a disturbing response.  It included:

IDW needed to change our system because comiXology/Amazon no longer wishes to be in the business of hosting publisher’s apps.

I've reached out to Comixology and haven't heard back. If and when I do I will update this post. As someone that is heavily invested in both iOS and Comixology this is very concerning to me. Below you can find the e-mail in it's entirety that IDW sent me.


Update: Comixoloy has commented back to me and said there aren't any changes for other publishers at this time. 

Update 2: I spoke via email with a representative from IDW and they wanted to clarify that Comixology still is offering IDW books via their website. An excerpt from his e-mail to me...

IDW has no knowledge of comiXology/Amazon plans related to other publishers’ apps and did not intend to imply a change relating to any other publisher that presently have apps with comiXology. IDW and comiXology have a great ongoing relationship and we’re both excited to continue it! You can buy IDW books from our new apps or still through comiXology.