Trying out Justice League Again

When Trinity War was announced, I was really excited for it. The even had it's ups and downs but, despite the fact I'm usually a fan of events, I was left very angry. The last page, of the Trinity War finale, literally says "To Be Continued in Forever Evil #1."

I knew Forever Evil was coming, and there are always more events after the current one, but it just really rubbed me the wrong way that they didn't actually finish Trinity War. They just effectively changed it's title to Forever Evil. As a result, I decided, the first time that I can remember, to completely skip a line wide DC event. To this day I haven't read it (though I would probably pick it up during a .99 sale). EDIT: Forever Evil did go on sale so I picked it up. Read my thoughts hereAs a result I ended up dropping a number of other DC series as my interest in the overall publisher waned. I fell off of Batman mid way through Zero Year, (though intended to pick it up during a Comixology .99 sale.) Pretty much, the Green Lantern family of titles were the only ones I was really enjoying. 

Comixology is currently holding a massive .99 sale for current DC titles. This sale included Batman Zero Year, allowing me to cheaply pick up the issues I had missed. I haven't yet, but I will reread the issues I already had and continue through the Endgame storyline. I'm looking forward to it.

But before I read the Batman issues, I decided to try out Justice League, picking up where Forever Evil left off, with Lex Luthor joining the league. I'm not going to go into specifics but I have to say, I loved it. Though it wasn't the same artist all the way through, every issue had great art and Geoff John's writing was solid. I really enjoyed the Amazo Virus storyline and am current on the title as of this week's Justice League 41. I don't plan on. I'll be honest and say that Geoff Johns' writing, for me, seemed to be lacking something since the new 52 started. But these last couple Justice League arcs have felt like the Johns of old, who was probably my favorite writer. 

I'm excited to be getting Justice League again, and plan on catching up with Batman over the next few days. Any other books you would recommend from the sale at Comixology?