Convergence - Thoughts at the End

A few weeks ago I wrote regarding the first few issues of Convergence and first rounds of the tie-ins. I have now read the rest of the series, and seen numerous mixed reviews online. For me, I thought as the focus moved away from primarily the Earth 2 characters, and now focused more on all the various versions of characters, it's quality improved. I enjoyed issues 5-8 much than 1-4. That said, it still had it's problems (of course, what event doesn't?)


It seemed odd to be that Brainiac seemed to be the big bad hidden behind the more visible Telos. A running them was the real identity of Telos, something that unless I completely missed, they never actually revealed. It also seemed a little strange that suddenly the big bad changed to Deimos. I never did figure out who he was (I assume he was more Earth 2 related, a series that I dropped shortly after Robinson's run ended) but I could be completely wrong (tell me if I am in the comments.) I was a little corfused why Brainiac suddenly decided to defeat Deimos. He said it was to save himself mostly but it seemed like Brainiac should have been more powerful than Deimos anyway.

All of that said, this story appears to have restored the entirety of the DC continuity, including preflashpoint (my personal favorite era) and pre Crisis. While confusing on how it was done exactly, I can accept that knowledge and move forward. I know that pre crisis Flash and Supergirl were sent back to fulfill their destines of dying to prevent the Crisis, but they were joined by Zero Hour era Parallax. That was quite the shock to me and I would love to see the story of what those three did when they went back to the Crisis.

Regarding the tie ins, while there was still a formula it wasn't nearly as concrete as what was found in the first issue of the tie ins. I think we needed one more issue (at least) of each tie in to get a little more information on those characters at that point in their lives. I enjoyed some more than others, but overall was glad to revisit those worlds. My favorite tie-ins were probably Green Lantern/Parallax and Superboy.  

I'm hoping that now "everything counts" again we will seem some stories of these alternate heroes, not set in the New 52 Universe (are we still calling it that?)

What tie-in's did you like? Any worth going and reading even after the main story is over?