Comixology iOS Apps get a Great Update

In case my other articles or reviews haven't made it clear, I'm a huge fan of digital comics. And for me the only choice worth looking at is comics via Comixology. Today when I turned on my iPad i was greeted by app updates for the main Comixology app, as well as the DC and Marvel apps. I would assume that the Image one will be updated soon as well. The publisher apps aren't always perfectly in sync but it seems like they are never to far behind on that stuff. For me, they have a feature I have wanted for years... Marking issues read/unread. I often reread books, and love that I now will be able to mark books as unread, making it easer to keep track of where I am. I can tell that the Smart Lists features are going to have their advantages, but the new user interface will take some getting used to. I'm really excited to try out more of these features (like the archive feature). 

On top of all that, Dark Horse comics are now on Comixology. This is great news as they were one of the last major publishers (that I know of anyway) to not offer their titles on Comixology. 


Here are the full release notes taken from iTunes. 


What’s New in Version 3.7

* Smart Lists
* Enhanced Library Options
* HD comics for iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus
* Choose between Guided View or Full Page mode on iPhone

Smart Lists, holy cow! We think you’re going to love these. We added a whole new tab for automatically populated lists which include sections like In Progress, Recently Downloaded, Recently Purchased, Unread, Wishlist and Recommended For You lists. Swiping through a list of books you are currently reading, or even just purchased and easily finding the comic you want to read is pretty amazing, not gonna lie.

Enhanced Library options have also come your way big time! You can Archive books from your Library, Mark as Read(!), and even view your entire library in the My Books tab. My Books now has many new viewing and sorting options including View by Series, Purchase Date, Title, All or On Device, and even a really snazzy Cover view which lets you view your entire library as full screen covers.

These updates are heading to the web as well, but not just yet. Go check these out!