Is It Worth The Money?

Apple Watch Sport

Being a huge Apple fan, I obviously wear my Apple Watch every day. I've been stopped by quite a few people, whom I don't know, and asked "is it worth the money?" They also often ask "is that the iWatch?" but I have yet to correct them (should I?)

I'm never quite sure how I should answer that question. At least not without a short conversation first about its features.  I'm obviously biased so I tend to just say "yeah, it's great." Some of them go further and ask me if they should get one for themselves. I can't truly answer that. It really depends on what you want, and who you are when it comes to technology. As a self-stated Apple fanboy, and an early adopter with new technology, for me it was a no-brainer. Add to that my increased interest in fitness tracking (something this does really well) and I love it. Despite that, I have told a few people that they should not get an Apple Watch.

  • I'll start with this... No. You don't need it. Nobody needs it. That's not the question you should be asking. 
  • Some "aren't very techie" (their words, not mine) and therefore I don't think they should probably get one. Especially because it's a first generation product and will suffer from some growing pains as a result. 
  • Others told me they just wanted the fitness tracking features. I told them if that's all they want they should get a FitBit. You get all the fitness features for a fraction of the price and everyone I have talked to, who has one, loves them. I would have bought a FitBit myself had I not been waiting on the Apple Watch.
  • Others want one but aren't sure on the Apple Watch vs The Apple Watch Sport. For this discussion I'm pretending the $10K Apple Watch Edition doesn't exist. For what it's worth I have the Apple Watch, and it has some advantages over the Sport, but it's important to remember two things. The internals are the exact same, and the Sport is significantly cheaper. For more on their differences and similarities go here

After all that, the single most important advice I can offer on whether or not someone should get an Apple Watcht/Apple Watch Sport is that Apple has a return policy. Try it out and use that policy if it's not for you.