Trying Out Forever Evil for the First Time.

Recently, thanks to a massive, multi-week long DC digital comics sale I've been going back and trying out some DC books that I had skipped or stopped reading. I read Justice League (post Forever Evil) and Batman: Zero Year. I really enjoyed them both and was glad I went back and read them. 

Now it was time for the big one. Forever Evil. I skipped this initially. I went into more detail about it in the Justice League article but basically I felt massively burned by Trinity War and scales my DC reading way back. 

On top of that I had finally admitted that, for me, Geoff Johns (the lead writer on FE) seemed past his prime. I loved his Pre-52 work, especially his Green Lantern stuff  Green Lantern has been one of my favorite comic properties for at least 15 years. But ever since the New 52 started it seemed as though he was stretched too thin, and his work was suffering.

After enjoying the recent JL issues, I went back a little further, while they were on sale and picked up the FE tie-ins. I've been sitting on them the last couple weeks waiting for FE itself to go on sale (luckily DC advertised the sale in advance.)

After reading issue 4 of FE and the first two JL tie-ins, I sent a text to a friend that said

"I'm really enjoying it. This is Johns the way he should be."

Without going into too much detail,  I will say I loved the backstory on the Crime Syndicate, especially Ultraman and Owlman. I'm pretty sure I would read books set on their Earth showing their rise to power in greater detail. I thought the way they took over the main Earth was really well done, though I would have liked to have seen more on what happened with the Justice League in the main title. I think that might have been covered more elsewhere (JLA?) but I was just focusing on the Johns titles. Of course it could be argued that the point of the story wasn't about the League at all, so it's irrelevant what happened with them.  I was really excited for the Sinestro/Pwer Ring battle (though I knew the outcome already).

It wasn't all perfect though. I'm not that big a fan of Cyborg or the Metal Men so those parts weren't too interesting to me but I get why they were included. I knew the identity of the hooded man ahead of time, but had no clue about his power set, so that was a nice twist for me. 

Without question this was the best event I have read from DC since the New 52 started.