Convergence - Thoughts so Far

I'm going to start with the full disclosure that ever since DC announced the New 52, I haven't been a fan of the idea. I definitely went into it with a pessimistic attitude. Between books that I bought, and reading a friend's copies, I read over half of the initial launch. Some I liked, some I didn't, but I was excited with the build up to Trinity War. Then that ending didn't connect with me at all (I hated how it immediately lead into Forever Evil...and I'm usually a fan of events.) Forever Evil was the first major comic even I had skipped in years. I've looked at it a couple times on Comixology but have yet to pull the trigger, and the farther back it gets I doubt I will. I also skipped all three of the weeklies 

Now, all of that said, I really liked what I was hearing about Convergence. The idea of bringing back (temporarily) some of my favorite versions of characters and having them interact with newer versions was very appealing to me. I've been reading the main title and have read 10 of the tie-ins.

Sadly, I've been disappointed. The main title seems to be a direct continuation of the Earth 2 weekly. That's fine. I expected there to be some stuff I didn't fully follow since I skipped the weekly, and I at least had a basic understanding of all the characters. But, the main title is only following one version of these characters even though it's billed as a multi-versal event. I will say that the Zero issue for Convergence was really enjoyable to me. After reading it I texted my friend to tell him "I'm in." Sadly that level of exctiement  hasn't held up.

The real problem though, for me, is the tie-in issues. Beware.... I'm going to spoil every single tie in issue I have read (at least issue 1 of their respective mini-series.) I haven't read all the tie-ins, but all the ones I have read go like this:

  • Hero has been under the dome for a year.
  • Hero is having to cope without powers and still struggling to be "normal."
  • Telos (the seemingly big bad) gives a speech detailing the different characters from different Earth's must fight.
  • Dome falls and hero gets their powers back.
  • Hero confronts the representatives from another Earth 
  • To be continued. 

Pretty much, any character can be substituted for any other character and that definitely makes for boring stories. 

I've been a big fan of DC my entire life, but these last few years have, as a whole, been the worst for me from a reader's perspective. Sure, there were some great storylines recently (I really liked Court of Owls and Godhead for example) but as a whole, DC is letting me down again. 

But hey, at least I got to see my favorite version of Superboy again, even if it's just for a couple issues.