(Mostly) Solo for a Few Days

This week Jennifer was out of town on a business trip for 3 nights/ 4 days. It's the longest stretch of time that she's been away from home since the girl was born. Here are a couple random things from each day.

Spoiler alert.......I didn't burn the house down.

Tuesday: Jennifer got to see the kid this morning and then headed out. So it won't really be different for the girl until this evening. She was starting to throw a fit when it came time for a bath (we got a bit dirty playing outside). Even the bribery of bubble bath proved ineffective. Then Jennifer calls me. We talk for a couple minutes and after I hang up (and by hang up I mean end the call....when is the last time I "hung up" a phone?) the kid tells me "I'm done throwing a fit." Mommy powers in action I guess. I don't know how she did that. They didn't even talk. That happens to be the second time in the last week where a fit magically disappeared after a phone call from Mom. Someday maybe I'll learn that trick (but I'm not holding my breath.)

Also, we performed what can only be described as the most off-key duet of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" since....well, since ever really. 

Even though I've put her in bed solo lots of times, it definitely took me longer tonight. Guess I'm out of practice.

Wednesday: She seemed to understand more that Jennifer wasn't home, but at the same time kept asking for her. Luckily we were able to talk over FaceTime. 

Nothing too exciting today, unless you count some dried out play-doh. The girl spent a few hours at the In-Laws' house which made it easier to run some errands.

One of my favorite podcasts was having a live call in show and I wanted to participate. The show happened to start right at bedtime. It's possible bedtime was moved up a bit but I won't confirm that, and if you ask the girl, I doubt you'll get a straight answer (but you're welcome to try.) Luckily for me she went to bed well that night.

Also, it's worth noting that I won what can only be described as a rather intense game of Hi Ho! Cherry-O.  

Thursday: Today is the last day of the regular school year for the kid, so this morning I took some last day pictures. Normally, it would have been better for Jennifer to be the one to take the pictures (I barely know how to turn her camera on) but that obviously wasn't an option. Here are a couple pictures (both taken with my phone). I did take a few on her camera but haven't looked at them yet.

The evening was mostly uneventful. She wanted to play outside but the ground was all wet and muddy from the rain. Of course she offered to check the weather for me to see if we could go outside. No big deal though, she's not hurting for toys and puzzles to play with and we did some more FaceTime with Jennifer. 

Jennifer's Grandma texted me this afternoon to offer to keep the kid overnight. I'm not crazy so I took her up on that offer. Works out well because she wanted to see her Nana this morning anyway, instead of going to school. Apparently she's going into denial about Jennifer being gone. On the drive over she informed me my name is no longer "Daddy", it is now "Mommy."

Friday: I found out after picking the kid up after work that Jennifer's flight got delayed due to mechanical problems, now she can't make her connecting flight and won't be home until tomorrow. The kid took this news remarkably well but I still heard  "I want my mommy! " a few times after telling her. I had to explain quite a few times that the plane was broken and they have to fix it before it can bring Mommy home. All things considered, it could have been a much rougher night than it was.

Saturday: Mommy's home.


All in all I definitely got off easy for Jennifer being out of town a few days. It would have been much more difficult without family members keeping her part of the time and without FaceTime.