ABC Gurus/Geeks With Juniors

For disclosure purposes...this blog entry was entirely my idea. Neither company knows I'm writing this.

Geeks With Juniors is a great website that covers two things of interest to me. iOS url schemes and automation, and apps for children. I discovered them because of the automation but I wanted to make a note that their entire site is fantastic. 

They recently did an app giveaway on twitter that I was fortunate enough to win. The app was ABC Gurus ($1.99). ABC Gurus is a great tool for young children to learn and practice the alphabet.  The child can pick a letter, decorate it by coloring it, and putting on stickers of things like hats, eyes, and mouths... think Mr. Potato Head for the alphabet. As you color the letter, it repeatedly makes the appropriate letter sound. Admittedly that can get old for you as the parent but my daughter seemed to have no issue with it. I heard her making the sounds along with the app more than once, so ultimately I think it's a good thing to leave the sound on. 

She's enjoyed other iPad apps but this one seemed to really connect with her right away, and for the first time we had to tell her no more iPad time. Usually she stops on her own after just a few minutes, but we could tell she was going to sit there playing as long as she could. 

Geeks With Juniors

ABC Gurus