Podcasts. I love them. I've listened to them reguarly for the last few years, and I'm always adding more to my list. Really, if I'm alone you can almost always bet on me listening to one. It actually started during the 2008 presidential election. At the time I had a trial for satellite radio and somehow stumbled into some pretty entertaining political talk shows (hard to believe I know). When the election was over the shows were less interesting, but I had gotten so used to listening to talk radio that I searched out podcasts. I don't remember which one I tried first, but the first one I stuck with was the 2+2 Pokercast. I don't listen to it any more but that show was extremely entertaining to me on long drives to work. After that, I shifted more into comic book podcasts like Comic Vine

I still listen to Comic Vine but my favorite show is definitely the Accidental Tech Podcast. I also listen to a number of shows from the 5by5, Relay FM and Podastery networks. I eventually got the podcast app, Overcast, which has the uncanny ability to speed up shows while retaining the audio quality, and that has made me enjoy listenting to podcasts even more. Most shows I listen to are sped up to between 2.5 and 3 times regular speed (it varies depending on the specific episode). Yes, I can follow and comphrehend what they are talking about, but I did have to practice. I just slowly increased my speed until I was maxed on the app. Listening to a show at regular play back speed is now painfully slow. Lately I have found myself wishing they could be played faster.

So like I said, I love podcasts. I called in to a couple episodes of Flash TV Talk here and here. I even helped crowdfund their sister show, Arrow TV Talk, and was able to be a guest on an episode.

In anticipation of that Arrow TV Talk episode, I decided to start my own show. I wanted to have at least done some podcasting for more than about 5 minutes before I was a guest on someone's show. I talked to some friends but nobody was really interested in joining me. So I decided to go it solo. My podcast is called Comics on TV The show is 10 minutes or less of me talking about live action comic book shows. I'm not trying to be the show that goes ridiculously in depth into every scene of every episode, but rather I focus on my gut reactions and impressions to recent episodes as well as news and rumors. And I'm having a ton of fun doing it and have been asked to be a fill in host for another show.

It's defintely for a very specific audience, but if you listen to it, especially the first few episodes, it'll be abundantly clear I'm making this up as I go along. But hey I'm having fun so even if no one is listening I'll keep doing it. That said I do want it to be as good as I can get it. I've been practicing a fair amount with GarageBand, and Jennifer encouraged me to get a higher quality microphone than the cheap headset I had for gaming. I started using that with my third episode and I'm still looking at other ways I can improve. If you do listen, please feel free to give me feedback. But if you don't follow comic book television shows, it'll be incredibly boring for you so I wouldn't bother.

If you give mine a listen, regardless of whether or not you like it, then thanks for trying it out. Either way I would encourage you to search out other podcasts.