Open Webpages in iCab Mobile with Workflow

Lately I have been frustrated by a couple web pages that I go to on a regular basis, that refuse to show me Desktop versions on my iPhone or iPad. This would happen in Safari or Google Chrome. I finally looked at other websites and settled on iCab Mobile, which I can set to always present my device as a desktop, and so far from my tests it's been working for me.

Counting Actions with Workflow and TextTool

Something I have been interested in Workflow is find out how many actions are actually included in a paticular workflow. The only way I knew how to find out was to either search in Spotlight for it, or call a list of your workflows, from within a workflow, followed by a choose from list action. This works but I wanted to know if there was a way to get it for all of them. I asked on twitter about it and @nahumck was nice enough to provide an answer for me. So I have to give full credit to him and I would encourage you to check out his fantastic website. The workflow he provided lets you pick an individual workflow to get the result. You can get it here.

The Future of Workflow – MacStories

Federico Viticci for

With Workflow, Apple could lead us into a second generation of iOS productivity apps by turning automation and inter-app communication into an extensible, integrated platform.

I've been waiting for this article since news of Apple buying Workflow broke.

Brief Thoughts on Spider-Man: Homecoming

Brief Thoughts on Spider-Man: Homecoming

With how much I obsess over the DCCW, this might be a little bit of a surprise but Spider-Man is my favorite comics character. I absolutely loved the Tobey Maguire movies (well, the first two) and I adored the first Andrew Garfield movie, but felt less positive about the sequel. All of that said, there were aspects that just never felt right.

Mostly Spoiler Free Thoughts on Power Rangers

Here's the thing about Power Rangers. If you go into it expecting some super deep thinker you are going to be disappointed. But if you go into it expecting a popcorn movie and a modern take on a 20 year old franchise then you're in for a good time. If you were a fan of the original Might Morphing Power Rangers then there is plenty here that you're going to like.

Mixed Feelings About Apple Acquiring Workflow

The iOS automation community was rocked by the news yesterday that Apple has acquired Workflow. I will openly admit my first thoughts were "oh crap." Apple has a history of purchasing an app and then we often don't see much from it after that, or at least not for a long time. For example, Siri used to be a separate app but is now built into the operating system directly. However, for at least a few months, after they acquired Siri, the app was pulled from the app store leaving people lacking for a service they were enjoying. I can't speak to what Siri was like prior to Apple taking ownership, but I think we can all agree it's advanced relatively slowly since it's debut on the iPhone 4s.

The Case For and Against Apple's Purchase of Workflow — MacSparky

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I once made a joke on Mac Power Users that the only reason Workflow got approved was because someone must have naked pictures of somebody important at Apple. The application seemed just so contrary to Apple's general position of iOS simplicity. (Not that I'm complaining.) Over the years, the Workflow team has continued to innovate with this application, adding new features often and allowing us to automate work on the iPad and iPhone that we only dreamed about just a few years ago.

This post sums up my thoughts on the Workflow purchase pretty well.

Using Drafts and Workflow to Help Me Speak

Annoyingly I've had a bad cough lately. I woke up this morning unable to talk. Now this time as bad as it would normally be but I happen to have the week off and today was already planned on me being solo for the most part. And typically anyone I communicate with would be via texting anyway.

And if I want I can certainly write or type something quickly to show someone if I need to get across more detail.

However this doesn't help with my four year old who can't read for the most part yet beyond some sight words.

Add iOS Device Frames with LongScreen and Workflow

A couple months ago I wrote about how I use LongScreen and Workflow to stitch screenshots together. Today I decided to write up a workflow that I rarely use but can occasionally be fun. LongScreen has the ability to add device frames for both iPhone and iPad to screenshots. You simply need to go into the app and toggle a switch, which you can find when selecting an individual photo to work with. Also in this menu you can choose which color you want the iOS device to be. I do wish you could automate the color selection as well. I have it set to silver simply because that is the color of my iPhone and iPad.

Working With Files in Workflow Just got Easier

Workflow has come out with another solid update. For me the tentpole feature is working with iCloud files has become both easier and more powerful.

I have a number of workflows that I use which ultimately append a line to a text file. If I stored those files in Dropbox I would be able to just pass the text into the append to Dropbox action, wait on the change to upload, and be done. But I store far more in iCloud since I have more storage there, and even more importantly saving is far faster as it's local (and pushed to the cloud in the background.)

Iron Fist Episode by Episode Brief Thoughts

Here are some brief thoughts on each of the episodes of Iron Fist I have been able to watch so far.For those of you wondering how I rank it with the other Marvel Netflix shows... it doesn't matter. I still think DaredevilSeason 1 is the finest season of comic book television ever, and that hasn't changed. But just because this isn't the best in my opinion doesn't mean it's not really enjoyable and worth watching.  

How Often are Firestorm and Atom Actually in Legends?

How Often are Firestorm and Atom Actually in Legends?

Lately on the DCTV Squadcast we have been expressing some annoyance and concern that it seems like DC's Legends of Tomorrow was having too many episodes without utilizing Jax and Stein in their Firestorm persona, as well as finding reasons to keep Ray out of his Atom suit. The out of story reason obviously comes down to budget. And sometimes the writers come up with pretty good reasons not to have Firestorm and/or Atom. Other times even the in story reasons feel weak.