Importing Images to Gladys with Workflow

Gladys is an iOS shelf app. It's wonderful for temporary storage of... anything. Text, pictures, urls, etc.

Recently the developer (who is completely open to feedback and quick to respond) added support for importing images via URL schemes, specifically using the x-callback-url standard. This means I can use workflow to import images. 

Snyder Fans and DCEU Fans

I’ve been really conflicted with all the crazy that’s involved Justice League, Zack Snyder, and the Snyder Cut (which may or may not be a thing). I’ve talked about this a lot with Ray, my cohost on a couple of podcasts. Some of my issues have stemmed from believing the story that Whedon was finishing Snyder's movie. Some of my issues stem from some Snyder Cut fatigue I think I'm experiencing. I'm also not convinced that everyone will be happy even if one is released. In fact, I’m pretty positive it’ll just start a fresh round of arguments. But I've made some observations about myself. Thinking about Snyder and my own personal history as a comic fan.

17 DCCW Easter Eggs that are explainable.

Recently I read an article from Screenrant, 17 Arrowverse Easter Eggs That Didn't Go Anywhere

I started reading this list, as I adore the DCCW so I read just about everything on it, and quickly had to stop. It's clear the author doesn't watch the shows, or at the least doesn't pay attention. It's also clear they don't understand the term "Easter egg".

An Easter egg is an intentional inside joke, hidden message or image, or secret feature of a work (often found in a computer program, video game, or DVD/Blu-ray Disc menu screen).

from Wikipedia)

Let's go through the list (on one page even)

  • Dawn Allen. For the record I think it's XS (Barry's granddaughter). Regardless, complaining she doesn't show back up in Crisis on Earth-X is a bit of a reach. She was clearly a minor point to seed a future story. She even pops back up in episode 411: The Elongated Knight Rises.
  • The Flash (1990). Also in the most recent episode of the flash they once again pay homage to this show. The current Flash show has paid homage to its predecessor since the pilot with the inclusion of John Wesley Shipp. Having him become Jay Garrick is all the flash crossover we will get. These were an Easter egg. Not a plot point.
  • Lois Lane. The author argues that despite people with connections to Lois, she has never shown up, or even had a cameo (which itself would have made this list I’m sure). Good news. It looks like she is coming to the show.
  • The Accelerated Man. Sure, it would have been cool for Gypsy to have recruited him for the fight against Savitar. This one is definitely just an Easter egg.
  • Warworld. This one I might grant you. Warworld has been mentioned a couple times. Once was an Easter egg. Twice feels like laying groundwork for a potential story. Of course it's been all of a half season since then. Little early to claim it went nowhere.
  • Zod. It seems your chief complaint is Kara hasn't interacted with Zod. You have to remember she was a child on Krypton. It's quite possible she's never even met him.... Update. We now know she is aware of him.
  • Justice League. Both the art work in the CCPD entryway and "Hall of Justice" are homages in my opinion. But I do think if they used the Hall that would be cool.
  • The Legion of Super-Heroes. We saw the ring in the Fortress. We also saw it during one of Flash's trips through the speedforce (same shot). We don't know that Kara saw it or knew about it. Considering the LSH, complete with rings, are a currently ongoing story in Supergirl I'm going to say this paid off.
  • Aquaman. References to Atlantis and Arthur Curry. Both Easter eggs.
  • Lobo. Easter egg. Though he would certainly be an interesting villain for an episode.
  • Lex Luthor. I'm starting to think you feel the show is titled Superman. It's quite possible Lena Luthor is as close as we get to Lex. And that's okay. He wasn't an Easter egg. He was in the story to serve Lena's storyline.
  • Ted Kord. You're right. Never went anywhere. The DCCW producers planned to use him and DC squashed it for a movie that was never announced formally. Blame DC for that one.
  • Harley Quinn. Easter egg. The very definition of an Easter egg.
  • Bart Allen. Come back to this when we know about the girl who is either Barry's daughter or grand daughter. Bart is Barry's grandson. I hope we see him. But nothing to date has implied we will outside of the mystery girl.
  • Hal Jordan. Easter egg after Easter egg. Again this feels like they are laying groundwork so I'll give you this one. And the Green Lantern franchise is my favorite in DC comics so I would love to see it.
  • Bruce Wayne. The biggest Easter egg is the future newspaper but yes he's been mentioned a couple other times. It's not impossible we will see him, considering we have seen Superman, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
  • Wonder Woman. There has only been a few episodes since the Themyscira reveal, one of which was the Crossover. To early to call this as anything but an Easter Egg.

Don't get me wrong, many of these I would love to see more of. But I'm also realistic about when the powers that be at the DCCW are playing homage to the past or just winking at the audience who is in the know.

How I produce Fans Without Borders

A few episodes ago, on my podcast Fans Without Borders I moved a significant part of my production to my iPad Pro and the app Ferrite Recording Studio, a professional podcast app. There was a bit of a learning curve, but overall it's allowed me to achieve the same level of quality while at the same time speeding up my workflow. However, it did create a couple of challengers that I needed to resolve first.

Share Groups of Workflows at Once

Recently on reddit I came across and interesting Workflow (thread) from u/schl3ck. Schl3ck was sharing, what to my eys, is a pretty complicated series of workflows regarding various math functions. What caught my eye was the delivery method, where he provided one workflow, which, when ran would import the others. It imported these in a similar method that my Backup/Restore does, using a combination of Base64 Encoded data and the workflow URL scheme.

What blew my mind was the concept of packaging a group of workflows together as a way to easily share them. I looked at Schl3ck's workflow, as well as my own and came up with a couple that I think Are pretty useful.

Improving My Backup/Restore Workflow

Recently I wrote about how to backup and restore your Workflows. I have a variation of that workflow that I use for savings individual workflows. These are dedicated to specific ones I want to have, but don't want to store in app. They might be ones I worked on for others on Reddit or for my friends, but not ones I actually use myself.

Open Webpages in iCab Mobile with Workflow

Lately I have been frustrated by a couple web pages that I go to on a regular basis, that refuse to show me Desktop versions on my iPhone or iPad. This would happen in Safari or Google Chrome. I finally looked at other websites and settled on iCab Mobile, which I can set to always present my device as a desktop, and so far from my tests it's been working for me.

Counting Actions with Workflow and TextTool

Something I have been interested in Workflow is find out how many actions are actually included in a paticular workflow. The only way I knew how to find out was to either search in Spotlight for it, or call a list of your workflows, from within a workflow, followed by a choose from list action. This works but I wanted to know if there was a way to get it for all of them. I asked on twitter about it and @nahumck was nice enough to provide an answer for me. So I have to give full credit to him and I would encourage you to check out his fantastic website. The workflow he provided lets you pick an individual workflow to get the result. You can get it here.

The Future of Workflow – MacStories

Federico Viticci for

With Workflow, Apple could lead us into a second generation of iOS productivity apps by turning automation and inter-app communication into an extensible, integrated platform.

I've been waiting for this article since news of Apple buying Workflow broke.